Where Every Man’s a King (young)

You were born from the west Texas wind

You are a simple man you work the rigs and the gin

I know I’m young, baby, and I’ve never touched no men

But I’m a fire cracker, a firecracker with alabaster skin

It seems sometimes you search my eyes

But then you’re gone again, then you’re gone again

Bluebonnets on both sides of the road

A big, blue sky over small revival shows

Yeah people come here but they mostly go

Steal me away dear to the Gulf of Mexico

I can sleep while you drive open windows and a radio

It seems sometimes you search my eyes

For what? I don’t know, for what? I don’t know

We could live in the trailer park where every man’s a king

Cigarette butts in the yard, beer cans and a trampoline

I know I love you baby and I’ll be your poor-man’s queen

Baby don’t doubt me, you can’t live without me and you’re the one I need

It seems sometimes you search my eyes

But maybe it’s just a dream, maybe it’s just a dream

Maybe it’s just my dreams