Boxcar Girl (young)

She is a call girl in Abilene

Barely legal sweet Josephine

She lives by the railroad tracks, rolling steam

Hollywood pictures tempt her to leave

Josie girl wait by the tracks to catch your dreams

Boxcar girl, watch her twirl, boxcar girl

She meets a man at the Star Motel bar

They smoke cigarettes and they play cards

They drink well whiskey and rob some cars

He made her a red-shoe girl on Hollywood blvd

Josie girl don’t look down there’s a belt around your arm

Boxcar girl, watch her twirl, boxcar girl

Sores on her skin and bugs in her hair

She lays with sick men cause she don’t care

She takes her dollars to the drug corners there

Breaks her body while he just stares

Josie girl here comes the train

in those cars you don’t need no fare

Go back to texas it ain’t that far

At least your mama’s there

Train pulls in to Abilene, boxcar girl coming back to the welfare scene

They find her body in car 15 barely beautiful in this heavy machine

Josie girl sweet Josephine

Boxcar girl from Abilene

Boxcar girl, watch her twirl, boxcar girl